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The-Wood® Studio offers solid wood doors, solid wood custom doors, teak doors, solid wood design doors, solid wood oversize doors, solid wood arch doors, hardwood doors, solid wood carved doors, solid wood French doors, solid wood double doors, solid wood front doors, solid wood exterior doors, solid wood entry doors, solid wood radius doors, solid wood luxury doors, solid wood antique doors, solid wood art doors, solid wood artistic doors, solid wood garage doors, solid wood Mexican doors, solid wood Moroccan doors, solid wood Persian doors, teakwood doors, wooden doors and much more...

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Wood: is derived from woody plants, notably trees but also shrubs. Wood from the latter is only produced in small sizes, reducing the diversity of uses. In its most common meaning, "wood" is the secondary xylem of a woody plant, but this an approximation only: in the wider sense, wood may refer to other materials and tissues with comparable properties. Wood is a hygroscopic, cellular and anisotropic material. Dry wood is composed of fibers of cellulose (40%–50%) and hemicellulose (20%–30%) held together by lignin (25%–30%). Wood has been used for millennia for many purposes, being many things to many people. One of its primary uses is as fuel. It is also used as a material, for making artworks, boats, buildings, furniture, ships, tools, weapons, etc. Wood has been an important construction material since humans began building shelters, and remains in plentiful use today. Construction wood is commonly known as timber in International English, and lumber in American English. Wood may be broken down and be made into chipboard, engineered wood, hardboard, medium-density fibreboard (MDF), oriented strand board (OSB), paper or used to make other synthetic substances.

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The-Wood® Studio is a designer, manufacturer and exporter of wood doors which quality match US, Canadian and European standards. We provide extraordinary craftsmanship and design while utilizing finest woods in the construction of exceptional high quality custom doors. We build our doors entirely in solid timbers. Shipping $500.00 USD only!
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