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Project: Teak Garden Furniture | 5 pieces Coffee Set ● Ralph-Texas, United States


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  THE PROJECT: Teak Garden Furniture  

Teak Coffee Set


  Category:   Custom Furniture  
  Furniture Type:   Garden-Patio Furniture  
  Finish:   Matte  
  Color:   Very Dark Brown, almost Black  
  Quality:   Standard  
  Table Size:   37" X 37" X 16" / 1 piece  
  Chair Size:   28" X 28" X 32" / 4 pieces  
  Production Time:   6 weeks  
  Date Project Started:   02-May-2005  
  Expected Finish Date:   15-Jun-2005  
  Shipping Bangkok to Dallas, Texas:   8 weeks  










  1. Thu, 28-Apr-2005 >> Will start working on project on Monday, 02-May-2005

  2. Thu, 28-Apr-2005 >> First update on Saturday, 17-May-2005

  3. Mon, 09-May-2005 >> The wood is in kiln until tomorrow, Tuesday 10-May-2005. Will start building your the on Wednesday. The photo update is scheduled for 17-May-2005

  4. Tue, 17-May-2005 >> Surprise! We built the garden set in ultra short time and 3 weeks before the deadline. Furniture are ready for shipment!

  5. Sat, 28-May-2005 >> We packed all furniture and will ship it to Bangkok-Port next week on Thursday, 02-Jun-2005. Will email you shipping details with estimate arrival date in Dallas shortly...


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Latin name "Tectona Grandis Linn". Teak or Golden Teak is the king of hardwoods and it's one of the world's most valuable timbers, recognized for its durability and stability. Teak is more durable than any other hardwood and has unparalleled rich beauty. Teak can withstand all types of weather. Ancient Burmese and Thai royalty considered teak to be a royal tree. It has been the pillar of the shipbuilding industry for centuries. The decks of the Titanic were covered in Teak, and the wood is as good today as the day she sank on 1912. Teak is also used in the Middle East oil industry as one of the very few timbers that can withstand the punishing heat of the desert and will not readily catch fire. Teak can withstand harsh chemicals, and is resistant to fungi, rot and termites. Unlike other woods, teak does not turn black when in contact with metals. It looks best when applied transparent and light colors...



All wood in the oven for two (2) weeks to a moisture content of 10-12% followed by one (1) week of ‘resting’ to reabsorb moisture in the air to ~14%. The moisture level is measured by electronic instruments.



Each item is individually boxed with 300# psi doubled wall cardboard and placed in wooden crate.



Every piece of furniture together with wood crating, pallet and all Non-Manufactured Wood Packing Material (NMWP) to be fumigated with Methyl Bromide [CH3Br] and are free from wood termites. Formal Certificate of Fumigation is provided according to wood import regulations of European Union, United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.



WoodCiti® Furniture Limited Warranty



We issue a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity. WoodCiti® Furniture certifies that every item we design and make is by order only. This is an original and authentic product. It is genuine and the only one made by WoodCiti® Furniture. It is not a replica, a rebuild or repair; it has been newly built by skilled artisan. No two items are identical, thus making each one of a kind. Only authentic hand carving is performed, no routers or machine tools of any type are used.

  1. Insurance 100% from damage or loss by US company based in Texas
  2. Texas based shipping company in charge
  3. Sea-freight from Bangkok Thailand to Dallas Texas USA
  4. Transit Time: 8 weeks
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