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WoodCiti® Studio offers oriental furniture, oriental wood furniture, oriental teak furniture, oriental rosewood furniture, antique oriental furniture, oriental art furniture, oriental bar furniture, carved oriental furniture, classical oriental furniture, classic oriental furniture, custom oriental furniture, oriental design furniture, dining room oriental furniture, fine oriental furniture, hardwood oriental furniture and much more...

Furniture Catalog: Oriental Furniture Wood Teak

WoodCiti® Woods Teak Furniture Oriental Office
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Teak Rosewood Bedroom Computer Executive

Oriental Chests Coffee Sets Oriental Cabinets
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Luxury Chinese Custom

Dining Room Classic Furniture Living Room
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Classic Sideboards Solid Wood

Term Oriental: is used as an adjective akin to "eastern": for example, the Philippine island Mindoro is divided into two provinces whose titles include the words "oriental" and "occidental" respectively. Traditionally, the Orient referred primarily to the cultures and countries of what are now considered Eastern Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East, and Western Asia. This particularly included Persia, Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, and Egypt. As awareness of the countries of Eastern Asia grew in Western European and American consciousness in the late 19th century, the term came to refer primarily to China, Japan, and the surrounding nations. Remnants of the older conception of the Orient still exist in the English language in such collocations as "Oriental rug" and "Oriental harem". In popular usage, the Orient is most often used in reference to the countries of East Asia, including China, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, and sometimes the rest of Southeast Asia. The term "Oriental" refers to people, goods and culture from those areas. Asian countries such as India, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka are no longer generally considered by some people to be part of the Orient.

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