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Living Room Furniture Solid Wood Living Room Furniture Teak Living Room Furniture by WoodCiti® Furniture Thailand

WoodCiti® Studio offers living room furniture, solid wood living room furniture, teak living room furniture, hardwood living room furniture, carved living room furniture, art living room furniture, Chinese living room furniture, classic living room furniture, classical living room furniture, custom living room furniture, design living room furniture, fine living room furniture, luxury living room furniture, oriental living room furniture, rosewood living room furniture, wooden living room furniture and much more...


Oriental Furniture Chinese Furniture Wood Furniture
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LIVINGROOM101 / 7pcs LIVINGROOM102 / 8 pcs LIVINGROOM103 / 8 pcs
Armchair: 25” X 28” X 34” Sofa: 25” X 70” X 34” Sofa: 25” X 70” X 33”
Table: 25” X 50” X 17½ ” Armchair: 25” X 28” X 34” Armchair: 24” X 28” X 33”
End-table: 20”X20”X14½” Table: 25” X 50” X 17½” Table: 25” X 50” X 15”
Price: $4,790.00 USD End-table: 20”X20”X14½” End-table: 19”X19”X15”
Price:: $5,980.00 USD Price: $5,680.00 USD
Design Furniture Custom Furniture Hardwood Furniture
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LIVINGROOM104 / 8 pcs LIVINGROOM105 / 8 pcs LIVINGROOM106 / 8 pcs
Sofa: 23” X 70” X 29” Sofa: 23” X 70” X 34” Sofa: 23” X 70” X 29”
Armchair: 23” X 28” X 29” Armchair: 23” X 28” X 34” Armchair: 23” X 28” X 29”
Table: 23” X 43” X 17” Table: 25” X 50” X 16” Table: 25” X 50” X 17”
End-table: 20”X20”X17” End-table: 20”X20”X16” End-table: 23”X43”X17”
Price: $5,680.00 USD Price: $4,995.00USD Price: $5,580.00 USD
Home Furniture Wooden Furniture Teak Furniture
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LIVINGROOM107 / 8 pcs LIVINGROOM108 / 8 pcs LIVINGROOM109 / 8 pcs
Sofa: 23” X 70” X 33” Sofa: 23” X 70” X 33” Sofa: 23” X 70” X 32”
Armchair: 23” X 28” X 33” Armchair: 23” X 28” X 33” Armchair: 24” X 24” X 33”
Table: 25” X 50” X 15” Table: 25” X 50” X 15” Table: 32” X 48” X 14”
End-table: 19”X19”X15” End-table: 19”X19”X15” End-table: 20”X20”X14”
Price: $4,995.00USD Price: $4,995.00USD Price: $5,450.00 USD
Solid Wood Furniture Luxury Furniture Carved Furniture
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LIVINGROOM110 / 4pcs LIVINGROOM111 / 8 pcs LIVINGROOM112 / 8 pcs
Sofa: 23” X 70” X 34” Sofa: 23” X 70” X 34” Sofa: 23” X 70” X 34”
Armchair: 23” X 28” X 34” Armchair: 23” X 27” X 34” Armchair: 23” X 28” X 34”
Table: 20” X 40” X 15” Table: 20” X 40” X 15” Table: 25” X 50” X 17”
Price: $4,550.00 USD End-table: 20”X20”X17” End-table: 20”X20”X17”
Price: $5,950.00 USD Price: $5,950.00 USD

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Living room: (or sitting room, especially in commonwealth English, also called lounge room in Australia or lounge in the UK) is a room for entertaining guests, reading, watching TV or other activities. In modern homes and apartments the living room has replaced the old fashioned parlor. The term marks the twentieth-century effort of architects and builders to strip the parlor of its burial and mourning associations. Typically, a living room will be furnished with a sofa, chairs, occasional tables, perhaps a television and/or stereo equipment, bookshelves, as well as other pieces of furniture. In many homes, the living room is reserved for more formal and quiet entertaining while a separate recreation room or family room is used for more casual activities. The term Front room can also used to describe a living room, because in many homes the front door opens into the living room.

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Current Projects: throughout the entire process of production, carving, packing, and shipping of your order we provide progress updates in the form of photos of the work being done available on-line 7/24 Current Projects!

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