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Garden Sculptures Stone Garden Sculptures and Life-Size Garden Sculptures by WoodRoyal® Studio Thailand

WoodRoyal® Studio offers garden sculptures, stone garden sculptures, life-size garden sculptures, ancient garden sculptures, custom garden sculptures, large garden sculptures, design garden sculptures, Buddha garden sculptures, Asian garden sculptures, India garden sculptures, animal garden sculptures, human garden sculptures and much more...


Custom Sculpture Terra-Cotta Sculpture Ancient Sculpture
Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge
Size: 44" X 46" X 23" Size: 39" X 57" X 29" Size: 24" X 29" X 18"

Price: $2,397.00 USD

Price: $2,799.0 USD

Price: $1,449.00 USD

Hindu Sculpture Asian Sculpture Yard Sculpture
Enlarge Enlarge Enlarge
Size: 24" X 29" X 18" Size: 27" X 55" X 31" Size: 32" X 40" X 24"

Price: $1,449.00 USD

Price: $2,699.00 USD

Price: $2,258.00 USD

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Fine Sculptures

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Sculpture: An art of producing in three dimensions representations of natural or imagined forms. It includes sculpture in the round, which can be viewed from any direction, as well as incised relief , in which the lines are cut into a flat surface.

Techniques and Materials: Sculpture embraces such varied techniques as modeling, carving, casting, and construction—techniques that materially condition the character of the work. Whereas modeling permits addition as well as subtraction of the material and is highly flexible, carving is strictly limited by the original block from which material must be subtracted. Carvers, therefore, have sometimes had recourse to construction in which separate pieces of the same or different material are mechanically joined together. Casting is a reproduction technique that duplicates the form of an original whether modeled, carved, or constructed, but it also makes possible certain effects that are impractical in the other techniques. Top-heavy works that would require external support in clay or stone can stand alone in the lighter-weight medium of hollow cast metal.


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Original Site
Fine Sculptures

WoodRoyal® Studio
Bangkok Thailand


WoodRoyal® is a sculpture studio for those who love the beauty of art. We're a leading sculpture creator in Far-East. We make sculptures in bronze, terra-cotta, wood, teak, monkey wood, sandstone and in resin. We are the only custom sculpture studio in Thailand. Our unique "works-of-art" can be found in public museums, royal palaces as well as in private collections. Today WoodRoyal® Studio offers its exclusive collection directly to you!
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