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Exotic Furniture by WoodCiti® Furniture Thailand

Throughout the entire process of production, carving, packing and shipping of your order, we provide detailed progress updates in the form of photos of the work being done available on-line 24/7


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Andrea / New Jersey Kerry / Shreveport Gail / San Diego
United States Louisiana USA California USA
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Roll-Top Computer Desk Carved Sofas-Cushions Carved Sideboard
Solid Teak grade B Solid Teak 3" thick Solid Teak grade A

Sufia / USA Terry / Thailand Jeanene / Miami
New York City Khon Kaen City Florida USA
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Custom Teak Sofa Teak Entertainment Center Custom Teak Furniture
Solid Teak 3" thick Custom Design Burmese Teak grade A

Ralph / USA Vyacheslav / USA Ernie / USA
Dallas, Texas Miami, Florida Massachusetts
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Garden Furniture Custom Bamboo Furniture Carved Dining Set
Teak grade B Exotic Thai Bamboo Solid Teak grade B

Marty / USA Janelle Lisa-Chicago
Nashville, Tennessee Virginia, USA United States of America
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Selected Wood Furniture Solid Teak Furniture Living Room Set
Teak grade B Teak Grade B Thai Design

Susan / USA Sven-Swiss Zbigniew Kowalski
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Basel, Switzerland Khon Kaen, Thailand
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Selected Teak Furniture Furniture Bar on Wheels Solid Teakwood
Teak Grade B Teak A / Superior Quality Wood Entertainment Center

Current Projects: Page-1 | Page-2



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